Man Accidentally Swallows Dentures While Eating Pancakes


Doctors in China had to  remove a man's teeth from his stomach after he apparently swallowed them!

80 year old Mr. Shang was brought to the hospital when he realized he was suddenly missing his teeth in the middle of enjoying a meal. He says he had eaten two buns, and then turned to the pancakes. While eating the pancake, he apparently could not find his dentures. 

"I needed my teeth to eat the pancake but I couldn’t find them. I thought ‘Oh no. My teeth fell into my stomach.’” (via NY Post)

Doctors took an x-ray of Mr. Shang and could see what appeared to be a sharp metal object in his stomach. They carefully removed the dentures after about two hours of surgery.

Here's the crazy part...the dentures were apparently already inside his stomach. Doctors claimed, "His esophagus and stomach both had abrasions."

Mr. Shang is expected to make a full recovery.