Math Teacher Has Over 1.3 Million Views On Pornhub

math on pornhub

Pornhub caters to unique fetishes. Not limited to but including: Feet, Cos Play and Math. If math does IT *wink wink* for ya then you'll blush at @changhsumath666 content. A Taiwanese math professor posts all his lessons to Pornhub. @changhsumath666 content has more than 1.3 million views. So it MUST BE GOOD! 

Curious? Here's a sample.  


@changhsumath666 had his content on YouTube then after time switched to PornHub. The switch was because nobody was posting math content on Pornhub. He reconizes that 60% of people just watch/follow him for a good laugh. Which is ok by him because he's laughing all the way to the bank. Making $250,000 annually.

Ohhhhh YAAAAAA! 

- Pam - 

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