Mom Demands Woman Change Dogs Name So She Can Name Her Daughter That


This might be the stupidest thing you read all week...sorry for that. 

A Facebook conversation between two women was shared on Reddit.

Entitled mom asks acquaintance to change their dogs name so she can name her newborn that name from r/trashy

The 2 women are merely acquaintances, friend of a friend, but a Mom-To-Be of her first daughter is making a pretty ridiculous request.

Basically Mama writes to Dog Mom about the fact that she's expecting, and it's a girl. (She has 2 sons at home)

Mom then shares that she is planning on naming her un-born daughter Tillie, which happens to be Dog Mom's lovable besties name.

Mom then actually asks this woman to CHANGE her dogs name, so people don't get confused.

Then, when Dog Mom refuses...Mom snaps.


via Reddit