New Joey Moss Mural


There's a new mural in town and it's to celebrate the life of Joey Moss. AJA Louden on Twitter shares the video below of his work. 70 seasons between being involved with the Edmonton Oilers and EE Football Team (formally known as the Edmonton Eskimos).


AJA Louden also wrote about the mural on Instagram:


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I painted this portrait of Joey Moss who recently passed away. He was a locker room attendant for the Oilers and later for the football team too - he went 70 seasons strong between the two organizations. Known for his dedication, work ethic, and passion for the organizations he worked with, Joey was with both teams for so long, he outlasted the players and became a symbol of the teams and of the city of Edmonton. As a man living with Down’s syndrome he became a symbol of representation as well. Being a public symbol for any community can mean a lot of weight on your shoulders - Joey showed up and did the work. The camera team actually had it set up where every game they could consistently cut to a live shot of Joey singing the anthem because he was 100% on every time. May we all strive to be remembered as well as Joey Moss - thank you for the inspiration, Joey! . . . . . #ripjoeymoss #70seasons #edmontonlegend #yeg #yegarts #yegsa #yeglegend #igwallsofyeg #albertacanada @edmontonoilers

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Check out the mural for yourself, graffiti Free Wall along 95 St. and 105 Ave by the LRT exit portal.

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