New York Woman Receives 150 Amazon Packages She Didn't Order


The packages just...kept...coming.

Buffalo, NY resident Jillian Cannan is an Amazon shopper, but this month was definitely a first for her. Somehow 150 Amazon packages filled with mask brackets arrived at her doorstep that she did not order.

Cannan says they started coming on June 5, and just kept arriving from Amazon delivery, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service. Cannan was in contact with Amazon several times, but the packages just continued to arrive at her front door.

Cannan owns a DIY and creative studio and decided to put the mishap to good use - she decided to use the child-size brackets to create DIY mask kits to distribute to children at local hospitals.
Amazon has apparently agreed to donate the rest of the supplies she needs for the kits to compensate for the mixup.
The adult-sized brackets will also be donated to hospitals