On Sale OZZY Tour Merch Without Having To Line Up


Sadly no concerts this summer. Some legendary one's I was hella excited for include but not limited to; Rage Against The Machine, Ice Cube, Alice Cooper and Ozzy. Ozzy isn't letting his tour merch collect dust in a warehouse somewhere, instead he's selling it on the Ozzy Osbourne Official website, see HERE . By the looks of things the tour merch is ON SALE! 

Once your done there head over to the Black Sabbath Official website. They put a spin on a classic t-shirt to support Black Lives Matter. According to a message on the Black Sabbath online store, net proceeds from sales of the shirt will benefit Black Lives Matter (which is not a registered charity). Black Sabbath Official website, see HERE

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility for maxing out ones credit card. lol 

To check out the deals and buy merch visit HERE 

- Pam - 

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