Ontario Karaoke Bar Installs Shower Stalls For Physical Distanced Singing


What have you been missing the most since COVID hit? Concerts? Sporting Events? How about a good ol' Karaoke night?!?

They've found a solution to the problem at Tracie's Place - Karaoke Bar and Restaurant in Hamilton, ON...Showers!

Owner, Tracy England says doing this in the "shower" is a "great way to stay sanitized and keep everything clean."

Plus, who doesn't sing better in the shower?!?!

Tracie's Place did close down in March, because of the pandemic, but reopened in July with the new health and safety protocols - including the new "Karaoke Shower Stall." The stall is of course sanitized and wiped down between each performance.

In addition to the shower, the bar announced that they would also require singers to purchse their own mic cover for $5 that would be used whenever they perform! Proceeds from the covers would then be donated to a Hamilton-area summer camp.