Pearl Jam Is Teasing...Something On Social Media


**UPDATE** - The band has announced the new album is coming March 27 with a 2020 Tour to Support. (Details here) Only 4 Canadian cities on the list, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Hamilton.

- Jess
You may have spotted the criptic message from Pearl Jam last week and over the weekend.

Does this mean new music? It HAS to! Right?

It all started on Thursday (Jan 9) at midnight when they tweeted new artwork that featured the bands name written out like a heart EKG.

Then on Friday they shared a map with markers all over it saying, "We have something special for your. Locate the nearest marker and activate the lens once you arrive." (See more HERE)

Once fans clicked the markers it revealed the coordinates on the map, and took fans to a certain location in cities around the world.
The coordinates took fans to the highlighted cities with billboards of melting ice caps with the word 'Gigaton'


And, so we wait for the 'announcement'