PROOF age is just a number. As fans at a metal concert make an old lady's dream come true!

mosh it out

I can honestly say I got lots out of my system in my early 20's. Attending concerts. Body surfing at concerts. Getting thrashed around in a mosh pit at a concert (or Sometimes I forget there are are late bloomers among us. One woman attending a metal show in a wheelchair had never taken part in a mosh pit. She had yet to seize the moment, until THIS day! 

Filmed by Tina Granger while attending the Slayer concert in Idaho. Tina’s mother-in-law is shown enjoying her first ever mosh pit.

Tina said: "I took my mother-in-law to the Slayer farewell tour as she is an old metal head. She had never in all her years been into a mosh pit. I feel everyone should experience it at least once, so I took her in her wheelchair and asked a couple of big guys to help me keep her safe and off we went. She had the best time of her life."

Music fans happily oblige and wheel her right into her very first mosh pit! Loving every minute as this lady is slappin high fives left right and centre with one hand and pounding her drink in the other. 

Outsiders think moshing is hurtful but anyone "rock at heart" knows it's all heart <3 

- Pam -

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