Purses Filled With Love


One Edmonton Mother has pledged to give back to her community and is doing so with her second annual "Purses Filled with Love" campaign.

Darlene Gauthier started the tradition last year after a tragic accident with her daughter from a few years back.
10 years ago, at the age of 23, Darlene's daughter Lacey Macmillan was brutally stabbed. On the way to the hospital she died twice in the ambulance, but kept being revived. 
Doctors had to put Macmillan into a medically induced coma for a week to aid her recovery as well.

Years after her daughter recovered Gauthier figured she needed to show her gratitude for the way her daughter’s life was saved.

Darlene noticed a bunch of purses hanging in her house collecting dust and thought about filling those purses and giving them to the less fortunate...and that's exactly what she did!

'Purses Filled with Love' was born! Darlene handed out 30 purses last Christmas filled with things that women would need or enjoy like toiletries, jewellery or mitts.

Darlene is hoping next year to get men involved - filling bags with shavers, tuques, and toiletries.  

Would you like to help out? Email: pursesfilledwithlove@gmail.com

As for Darlene's daughter? She is now a mother of 2 and is working to become a nurse...just like the ones who saved her life!  

Darlene plans to deliver all donated and filled purses to the homeless downtown on Sundays in December. (via CTV Edmonton)