Real Life Moe's Tavern Pop Up Opens in Pennsylvania Mall


Starting tomorrow, die-hard Simpsons fans can really get a taste of the after-work routine of Homer Simpson.


A pop-up replica of 'Moe's Tavern' opens in Springfield Mall in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Fans will of course be able to wet their whistle with duff beer, a flamin' Moe, and even play the 'Love Tester.' The establishment also features a Simpsons-inspired menu including Homer's Chicken Tenders, Moe's Magic Mushrooms, and Barney's Mozzarella Sticks.


There's a price of admission, BUT it'll get you one of the menu items, a beverage (choice of a custom-labeled craft soda, Duff D'oh! Beer, or custom-labeled water), and a commemorative patch and key ring for your memory bank.

Presented by JMC Pop Ups, fans are also encouraged to dress up as their favourite Simpsons character to visit. 

Can you bring it to Edmonton next please? Thanks.