Red White & New with Jess - Episode 10 - Upsidedowntown


Every Sunday we will spotlight a Canadian band, this week we are featuring local band Upsidedowntown.

It's been an interesting time for any band navigating through a pandemic, and certainly no different for Edmonton band Upsidedowntown. Through it all the band managed to release 2 new singles, a live acoustic video (watch here), a completely self made music video for one of the new singles, Corporate Wealthcare, and are in the process of releasing more new music.

We'll spin Corporate Wealthcare at 5:40p MST today.

Upsidedowntown has been around the Edmonton music scene for many years, and are no stranger to venues around the city. 

You can also catch them at a few different upcoming live shows:

Aug 20 - Zoobrew @ the Edmonton Valley Zoo

Aug 28 - Black Dog (Afternoon show)

Sept 2 - The Buckingham (Waynestock Warm Up)

Sept 3-5 - Waynestock (Wayne, AB)

Sept 11 - Wild Boys Campout season ender (Six Pack Saloon)

Hear more from the band:







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