Red, White & New With Jess - Episode 116 - Common Octopus Music

Common Octopus - State of Play

Every Sunday we spotlight a Canadian band and this week we will be featuring Common Octopus Music.

Common Octopus Music is comprised of two extremely talented musicians consisting of Chris Wheeler and Kasey Kurtz.

Kasey Kurtz is a multi-instrumentalist. On today’s featured track (Let It Ride) he plays guitar. On other songs he may be playing an organ, piano, or even a small horn section. Oh, and he’s also a full time teacher.

Chris Wheeler covers drums, production and song writing for Common Octopus Music. On today’s song, you’ll hear Chris on drums and percussion, vocals, organ, and synth bass.

The project released their album State of Play in January, and are planning to release another by next sumer.

Why that name? The Common Octopus is the ultimate shape shifter, and known for its ability to instantly match with the colours, patterns, and even textures of its surroundings, Mother Nature’s true master of disguise. The group brings that representation into their music. “Listeners will recognize patterns, textures, and roots stemming from many genres - funk, jazz, soul, hip hop, reggae, ska and rock.”

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