Red White & New With Jess - Episode 19 - Celestial Ruin


Every Sunday we spotlight a Canadian band, and this week we'll be featuring Vancouver band, Celestial Ruin.

The band has been around since 2011, and went through a bit of a change recently. They began their journey 10 years ago as a symphonic metal band, but with this new music they decided to embrace a "straight-forward, harder edge sound."

While change can be scary, lead singer Larissa Dawn says, "we were very lucky that our fanbase stuck by us. Not that we were completely surprised, you just truly never know how things will go over. Fortunately for us, symphonic metal fans tend to be open-minded, so not only did we hold onto those who stood by us from the beginning, but we also brought a new crew of fans on board.|"

Celestial Ruin just dropped their latest single, 'See U Nxt Tuezday' in July, and we'll spin it at 5:40p MT.
They recently dropped a video as well, directed by Dave Benedict (Default).

Expect to hear another new single from Celestial Ruin in October. 

Hear More from Celestial Ruin:






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