Red, White & New with Jess - Episode 73 - The Lost Lonely Souls

Photo by Unfolding Creative Photography

Every Sunday we spotlight a Canadian band, and this week we'll be featuring Calgary band The Lost Lonely Souls.

The alt. psych band formed over the pandemic just by simply sending tracks to each other. 'The Lost Lonely Souls are a collective of musicians orchestrated by singer/songwriter and producer Cale Michael, who strive to display each song with full auditory potential and collaborative songwriting.'

Their debut album 'Good Things Come to Those Who Wait,' dropped this summer. We'll feature a single from the album, Fools Gold at 5:40p MT today.

The video was shot at Cosmic Creature Studios in Calgary with director Justin Godlin.

The group are currently hard at work on their follow up which they plan to release early next year. 

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