Red White & New With Jess - Episode 9 - Trigger Mafia


Every Sunday we will spotlight a Canadian band, this week we are featuring Langley, BC band Trigger Mafia.

You might say the pandemic helped shape the band. When everything first shut down, frontman Shawn Meehan and 2 others were actually part of a Canadian Country band, Me and Mae. Frustration from shutdowns set in and without the ability to do what they loved, Meehan, Jay Wittur (bass) and Rod Senft (drums) decided they needed musical outlet.

Those 3 started a ‘fun little side project’ to ease the boredom and just like that Trigger Mafia was born. Realizing they needed a keyboard player to complete the sound, Karl Oystensen joined the band in the fall of 2020 to complete the line up as a 4 piece. 
The band has already found a ton of success with their first single ‘Find A Better Way,’ and now ‘Sittin’ On The Corner’ – which we will spin at 5:40p

Trigger Mafia is planning a full new album release and of course – hitting the road to tour and hang with fans across the country. The band describes themselves as the quintessential rock revival project with a modern spin.

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