School In Alabama Takes Away Stall Doors To Prevent Bathroom Vaping


Seems like a bit much doesn't it?

A school in Alabama has removed the stall doors in all of the male washrooms. This is apparently the drastic 'last step' to keep students from vaping in the bathroom.

Oh man. Taking a dump at school is painful enough already...NOW you don't get a door?!?

Principal Gary Horton says every day at Wilson High School one of the students will sneak off to a bathroom to vape. He also shared that 2 weeks ago a student actually passed out in one of the stalls!

Naturally, some parents are pissed about this, noting there has to be a better solution that simply taking away their kids privacy inside the bathroom.

The principal did say that removing the doors COULD be temporary while they try to find other solutions. 


via New York Post