Score A Free Ticket To the Moon - This Is Not A Drill

moon man or woman wanted

Answer these two questions honestly. 1. Are you always pushing the envelope in whatever activity you’re into? 2. Are you willing to support other crew members who share “similar aspirations.”?! If you answered YES to both questions then you are encouraged to apply! See HERE  

A total of 8 crew members will be aboard this once in a lifetime experience to the moon. Whatever your feelings for Elon Musk, gotta say this is a pretty rad opportunity! Watch the video below for more details from Elon Musk and Yusaku Maezawa



Last year Yusaku put a call out on Twitter for a girlfriend to join him as his plus 1 to the moon. After receiving 24,000 applications he got cold feet and called it off. At least this time around you won't to pretend to like anybody in a very confined space for weeks to enjoy this exciting adventure. lol

- Pam - 

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To submitt an application and for more details see HERE