The Bargain Bin At The Local Dollar Store Just Got Better


Remember the anticipation of a new album dropping and being so excited to wait in line to BUY the CD?! Remember? Or did I just date myself? lol Either way, I miss high I got from peeling off the plastic, thumbing thru the album cover/book and poppin that fresh disc into the player for the first time. Ohhhhh baby! 

With music stores being few and far between with a greater focus on the t-shirts and merchandise than actual music. CD's are not as easy to come by. That's why I had mixed feelings when YouTuber James Creelman documented the moment he discovered the Dollar Store selling CD's. Matrix soundtrack along with Boyz N Da Hood and many more throwbacks. For nastelgia sake I would 100% dive into that bin. Probably walk out of there with something too just to feel that feeling again. Peeling off the plastic and poppin that new disc into the player for the first time.... Just.One.More.Time. What old school CD would you want to come across? Big Shiny Tunes?!



- Pam - 

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