The Most Romantic City In Canada This Year IS... Fort Mac


Don't worry. We'll still romantic in Edmonton too!

But, yes the MOST Romantic City in Canada is...Fort McMurray!

For the past 7 years Victoria, BC has held the #1 spot on the list, released by Amazon.

Last year, Fort Mac ranked #3 on the list. 

How do they figure that? The list is compiled by comparing per capita sales of romance novels, romantic comedies, relationship books, jewelry and sexual wellness products in 2019, in cities with more than 20,000 residents. (Via DailyHive)


Good ol' Alberta with 5 Romantic cities on the list this year! Ooo la la.

1. Fort McMurray, Alberta
2. Toronto, Ontario (new)
3. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (new)
4. Bonnyville, Alberta
5. North York, Ontario
6. Ottawa, Ontario (new)
7. Grande Prairie, Alberta
8. Burlington, Ontario
9. Kelowna, BC
10. Victoria, BC
11. Whitehorse, Yukon
12. Calgary, Alberta (new)
13. Quensel, BC (new)
14. Cranbrook, BC (new)
15. Edmonton, Alberta (new)
16. Pembroke, Ontario (new)
17. Campbell River, BC (new)
18. Prince George, BC (new)
19. Kingston, Ontario (new)
20. Revelstoke, BC (new)

via Amazon