The Popeye's Chicken Sandwich had landed in Canada. Edmonton Only

its here

Who could forget the viral video of two people getting into a fist fight over a chicken sandwich. It happened in the States. Since the Popeye's chicken sandwich is now available in Edmonton, we might have a Canadian Edition of the "fight". "Excuse me. I was here first.". Other person, "excuse me I thought I was here first. You go." Other person  "No You go. It's my bad I'm sorry.". 

I must have missed the memo because Dusty from TSN1260 got to try it before launch. See below.



A "highlight" reel of the effects Popeye's chicken sandwiches can have on people. lol 


I'm totally going to try it this week. Stay tuned for thoughts. lol 

- Pam - 

Image from HERE