To Quit Vaping, People Are Apparently Turning To Cigarettes


Vaping is commonly known as an aid to help people quit smoking, do you quit vaping after that?

Apparently a ton of people are turning back to cigarettes.

Take this guy for example, @elmacadelic on Twitter shared this:

He also claimed that using the 'juul' made his nicotine addiction worse than what it was with cigarettes.

Lucas McClain is all too familiar with the dangers of cigarettes since lung cancer runs in his family, but he believes it may be easier to kick smoking rather than drop the Juul.
His Mom has been warning him about the vaping-related illnesses in the news as well. 
(A 7th person in the US has died from a vaping-related illness, details HERE)

What's the lesser of 2 evils here?



via NBC