Tommy Lee is PISSED! As rapper "straight ripped off" his coaster idea!


Tommy Lee has been a good boy lately. No drinking. No drugs. Engaged to Brittany Furlan. Assisted in a movie project surrounding the life and times of Motley Crue. Life was calm until... NOW! 

Rapper Travis Scott (baby daddy to Kylie Jenner) is touring. His stage show is what caught Tommy Lee's attention. Specifically the roller coaster used on stage. You see back in 2011 Tommy Lee's idea came to life thanks to the production company SGPS. Which so happens to be the same production company Travis Scott is during using on his tour - SGPS! 

Take a look see for yourself below.

Tommy Lee's 360 Roller Coaster ride back in 2011


Rapper Travis Scott's rollercoaster ride in 2018 



Thoughts? You think Tommy has a right to be PISSED! For more on this developing story visit HERE


- Pam - 
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