Trending on Twitter: Tom Morello


#tommorello was "trending" on Twitter. Which means it was a popular topic of discussion. Why was Tom Morello front man of Rage Against The Machine "trending" ? Some people are pissed he's using his social media platform to talk politics. Are you "laughing out loud"? If so, it's because you know the meaning behind the band name Rage Against The Machine. Machine means government in this case. lol All of the songs are about politics. For example:

Killing In The Name
Know Your Enemy
Guerrilla Radio
The list goes on... and on... 

Tweets include, but not limited to: 






Back to the band name "Rage Against The Machine". What machine did these "fans" think they were "raging against"?! The paper shredder? The work photocopier/printer? Lord knows I've RAGED AGAINST both of those things a time or two. lol 

- Pam - 

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