Tropicana Launches Cereal Made For OJ Instead of Milk


I know they're out there! I've talked to a few! There are people who will eat cereal with Orange Juice instead a Milk.

And now, Tropicana is standing tall with you...releasing a special cereal specifically made for a splash of juice instead a the traditional side of milk.

From the same company that brought us Toothpaste that won't make OJ taste bad, Tropicana Crunch cereal features honey almond clusters that pair perfectly with OJ. 

Tropicana conducted a survey through Wakefield Research revealing that, "Half of the adults who poured OJ over their cereal did so because they thought it looked like it would taste good, and more than one in three who tried it did so because they love OJ and thought it would be a good combination."

Tropicana Crunch drops on National Orange Juice Day. (May 4) It may be some time before we can find it on shelves, so you can order HERE.