TSN's Dan O'Toole voices concern over potentially missing child


As of 1042pm MST Dan O'Toole took to Twitter saying, "Update: my baby Oakland has been found and is said to be safe. Police informed me at 12:07am. I still have not seen Oakland or held her. To those that have decided to attack me for fearing for my daughters safety, I don’t know what to say. I just hope that you never have to look in the eyes of your own children, and tell them that you don’t know where their sister is, or when they will ever see her again. I am still broken. I don’t know if any of us will ever be fixed. We just want our Oakland back." 

Confused? Let me get you up to speed, the best I can. Earlier tonight Dan shared this post on Instagram, see below. 



As the story evolved Dan took to Twitter to say this, see below. 



He addressed one Tweet from the media, see below. 



As per this week his daughter was said to have found and safe. See below. 



Positive outcome it seems. Wishing everyone peace with the baby's return, safe and sound.

- Pam - 

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