Two Canadian Spots Make 'Time's Greatest Places 2021' Edition

two places

WAIT! Before you read ahead, can you guess the two Canadian spots? I believe you might get one right but there's no way you'd guess the other correctly. 

In no particular order. 1st Canadian Spot - Japer AB 

Duhhhh I can totally see why! Trails to mountains to the wildlife and everything in between. Time Magazine is just stating the obvious at this point! haha 


As for the 2nd Canadian Spot - Winnipeg MB 

You didn't misread that. No your eyes are not playing tricks on you. lol I was born in Winnipeg and I was surprised to learn this! Recognized for it's impressive arts scene. 



For the complete list of Time's Greatest Places 2021 see HERE 

- Pam - 

Jasper Image from HERE 
Winnipeg Image from HERE