WATCH: Areosmith JAM with Jimmy Fallon


A song that never gets old from a band that is old. Observation not an insult. Aerosmith sure as sh*t still knows how to have FUN! 

This week on Jimmy Fallon Aerosmith throws down "Walk This Way" with house band The Roots. Mixing things up they did it while utilizing classroom instruments to pull off the performance. Immediately I had flashbacks to playing "hot crossed buns" on  the recorder. Lol

Aerosmith locked in a Vegas residency that starts April 6th of 2019. Gives you time to save up those toonies and treat yourself to a VIP package! HA Or if your like me, just enough money to get me there, a ticket to the show in the nose bleeds and BEER! 


- Pam - 
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