Watch: Carole Baskin's late husbands family buys commercial airtime during DWTS


Don Lewis might not ring a bell right away but the name Carole Baskin will! The world was introduced to her in the Netflix documentary Tiger King. A woman who fights for the rights of tigers and just flat out fights Joe Exotic. In the documentary Carole mentions she is a widow as her late husband Don Lewis mysteriously disappeared. With lots of questions unanswered it's questionable as to if the death is 'mysterious'. Some say his death was at the hands of his wife Carole Baskin. As ongoing topic of conversation his death has yet to be forgotten. 

Tonight during the Dancing With The Stars premier to which Carole Baskin is participating in as a dancer. Also premiered a commercial involving the late Don Lewis family and ex-assistant. Asking the public for tips surrounding his death. Watch below. 


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