WATCH:Dave Grohl brought to tears hearing Weezer’s cover of Nirvana’s “Lithium”


On Saturday night, Weezer, Foo Fighters and others played the main stage at Brazil’s Rock in Rio . Before the Foo Fighters were set to take the stage, Weezer entertained the masses for a few minunites. Suprising attendees and Dave Grohl when announced by, Cuomo , “We’re gonna cover a song from Dave Grohl’s old band to tide you over until the main course in a few minutes.” The video attached is the rendition of the Nevermind cut. 

Foo Fighters shortly after took the stage, Grohl said Tonight I’m gonna dedicate this one to Weezer,” he said, strumming the opening chords of the song. “I was backstage and I heard Weezer play the ‘Lithium’ song. I gotta be honest, I cried a little bit. I did! I miss playing that song. I miss it, so I’m happy to hear Weezer play it again. So this one goes out to the sweet Weezer.”

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