Watch: Edmonton's Only Robot Server


CONFIRMED! Rumors are true. Edmonton is being taken over by robots! One restaurant at a time. JK. Well kinda. 

Last week a local YEG foodie posted a TikTok of her experience at Chili Hot Pot. Food served by a robot! Watch HERE. 

I had to check it out for myself, see below. 



##YEG's only robot server at Chili Hot Pot on Gateway Blvd. I was told to 'take the dish cuz it had other orders to deliver'. lol ##hotpot ##robot

♬ Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o) - CG5

If you are unfamiliar with Hot Pot, let me get you up to speed. 

You are seated with a self controlled burner in front of you. You then receive a sheet where you choose the following: Soup broth/Vegetables/Seafood/Meat. A human being brings out the broth and fires up the burner. Then the robot swings by with the assortment of contents for said soup. If you don't take the dish fast enough, it tells you 'I have lots of orders to deliver. Hurry up.' hahah Note: The experience is best enjoyed by taking your time. As it is not your regular dining experience. It's fun with friends and the robot is the highlight! 


- Pam - 

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