Watch: Gender Reveal Party Gone Wrong After Sister Hit With Dart


Another Gender Revel fail is in trending. Watch where you stand when a dart is being used, I guess?

Veronica Fernandez had planned a gender reveal party for her sister's baby, but it ended up landing HER in the hospital.

In this particular party, the parents would throw a dart at a balloon, popping the balloon and either blue or pink would fall from the balloon to show the baby's gender.

Watch in the video, after the dark popped the balloon filled with pink confetti, it landed in Fernandez's ankle!


Hopefully it don’t get deleted this time 😭🙏🏼😂 ##fyp ##gender ##genderreveal ##reveal ##fail ##pregnant ##fypage

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Why was she standing there? Apparently she wanted to get the best angle for the parents reaction of the reveal!

She felt a pinch, looked down and sure enough there was the dart sticking out of her foot. A quick trip to the ER for a tetanus shot and Auntie-to-be was good to go!