Watch:Homeless guy goes viral for yelling positive affirmations on TikTok


Homeless to viral TikTok star overnight, Oneya @angryoneya . All for being LOUD and positive. As he reacts to other peoples TikTok videos and yells positive affirmations. See his first video that garnered over 43million views. 



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Oneya continues to make more. He's as shocked as anyone surrounding his overnight success. "I honestly couldn’t believe how fast that account blew up — I still can’t believe it," Johnson told BuzzFeed News over the phone. Within one day, his account gained 1.3 million followers."With all the bad things going on in the world right now, I think it’s teaching all of us to appreciate positivity much more," he said about his popularity."I basically took how the world sees me, and how I really am, and just matched it together," he said. "If I passed you on the street and I don’t say a word, I look like the angriest person in the world. But when you actually get to know me, I'm actually a really positive person."


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