Watch: Iron Maiden Drops New Single and Video


Iron Maiden dropped their much-anticipated new single today, 'The Writing On The Wall.'

The video all came together with the help of 2 award-winning Pixar executives and long-standing Maiden fans Mark Andrews & Andrew Gordon.

Frontman Bruce Dickinson about the concept for the music video: "I had a pretty clear idea of the concept to accompany the song and when I met Mark and Andrew, on Zoom, it quickly became clear we were all very much on the same wavelength, and this was reinforced with the addition of Nicos and his young BlinkInk team. Our weekly team Zoom meetings were then usually both highly creative and a lot of fun!  
I’m very proud of the way the video turned out, it’s more like a mini-film really. I knew it was going to work out as soon as Mark brought my treatment to life with his incredible storyboards -  I thought we could make something very special together. I think we did and hope our fans will agree. In fact it’s pretty much created by Maiden fans!!"