WATCH: Lars Ulrich chatting about Metallica headlining 5 major rock festivals in 2020


Today it was unveiled, the countdown regarding Metallica at

Lars Ulrich in a live stream earlier today  chatting about how every show will be different, including the songs played. 


Metallica will be headlining America's BIGGEST rock music festivals in 2020! 

Epicenter - North Carolina 

Welcome to Rockville - Daytona Beach 

 Sonic Temple - Columbus, OH

 Louder Than Life - Louisville, KY

 Aftershock - Sacramento, CA 

Which one are you planning on attending?! I know summer/festival season just ended but I need something to keep me warm throughout the winter here in Alberta. lol 

Here's to hoping for a smooth and speedy treatment James Hetfield. Admitting himself into treatment mere weeks ago for alcoholism. As a result cancelling tour dates across the pond in Australia and New Zealand. 

- Pam - 

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