Watch: Makeup Artist Shares Very Expensive Destruction By Her Kids


Ooo. That stings. 

Jaylynn Butler, a Wisconsin mother of 2 ended 2020 on a rough night.

Butler shared a video on TikTok of the 'heartbreaking' scene she came home to on New Year's Eve. Her children had found Mom's makeup stash and destroyed pretty much everything.

Not a big deal? Well, Mom is a makeup artist, so we're talking thousands of dollars in products here.


This is what I get for being nice mommy. I’m a makeup artist so yeah I was a little distraught see my hard earned money in the sink..##Welcome2021 ##fyp

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I got the call right at midnight, 2020 said “real quick before I go...” Does anyone know how to get shadow out of carpet? ##Welcome2021 ##fyp ##disaster

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'Spare the rod, spoil the child... now I understand what they meant,' she adds at the end of the video.