WATCH: New Royal Blood Single, Album News AND 5 Song Live Performance


Royal Blood announced today that their third album, 'Typhoons' will drop April 30th. 

The rock 2 piece recently sat down to chat new music claiming they wanted to return to their roots with this third album, "We sort of stumbled on this sound, and it was immediately fun to play. That’s what sparked the creativity on the new album, the chasing of that feeling. It’s weird, though - if you think back to ‘Figure it Out’, it kind of contains the embryo of this album. We realised that we didn’t have to completely destroy what we’d created so far; we just had to shift it, change it. On paper, it’s a small reinvention. But when you hear it, it sounds so fresh.” (Royal Blood's Mike Kerr)

The band has already given us a taste of the new album, with the first single, "Trouble's Coming."

AND, here ya go! Have a listen to the live performance of Trouble's Coming, Typhoons, and a few extras:


Fans can pre-order Typhoons HERE.