Watch: Pearl Jam Pay Tribute to Taylor Hawkins At L.A. Show


As tours continue across the world, so do musical tributes for Taylor Hawkins. 

During Pearl Jam's two-night stand in L.A. Eddie Vedder did mention the late Foo Fighters drummer a couple times and the band ended up performing a song in his honour during Saturday's show. 

Pearl Jam Drummer and friend of Taylor Hawkins, Matt Cameron jumped on the mic, while another long time pal, and fellow drummer Chad Smith grabbed the tambourine to perform Foo Fighter's 'Cold Day In The Sun,' at the Kia Forum. (one of the rare songs Hawkins actually did sing vocals on)

Eddie's words really hit home as well, "It’s never easy when you lose someone As you get older, you’ll notice it starts happening more and more. It’s just where you are on the timeline and where your friends are on the timeline. But sometimes like this, it’s so unexpected, but also, it makes it harder because he was someone who truly, truly loved living life on this planet. I guess the one thing we can be consoled by is the fact that he never wasted a moment, and he did live his life to the fullest. We just want more of it."