Watch: Stranger Things Season 4 - The Vecna Transformation


*SPOILER ALERT* If you have not watched Season NOT watch this.


We good?

You've been warned.

In Season 4 of Stranger Things we have a new villain - Vecna. A time-lapse video has been shared of the whole process..check it out! 

Prosthetics courtesy of artist Barrie Gower - he explained the whole process: "we’d have this very orchestrated sort of dance we’d do around Jamie. He would start sitting down, and we’d stand him up. Then we’d lie him down on his front, on a massage table, flip him over onto his back, stick his front pieces on, stand him up, put his legs on, put his right arm on, and put his left arm on.
The quickest that we got the application time down to six hours, 21 minutes. We would spend the best part of five hours just purely gluing the appliances onto his skin. Then we’d have an hour and a half of airbrushing and joining all the dots together with the paintwork and airbrushing veins and blending everything."

The final 2 episode of Season 4 drop July 1.