Watch: This guy should have bailed but somehow stays standing


Superbowl weekend is a busy one. Not only is it Superbowl but it is also Waste Management Golf Tour. Kicks off the PGA season with a fun tournament in Phoenix Arizona. To give you an idea the 16th hole has stadium seating to host 20,000 spectators. Pro golfer have thrown golf balls into the stands, handed out golf clubs and even crushed beers. 

Now that I have painted the party picture for you, this video will make more sense. Dude was attending the Waste Management Tour and clearly WASTED! I found my self watching this video while providing commentary. "Oh he's gonna bail". "Oooo Oooo dude... He's gonna go down. Nope." I was so invested in this video I clapped when he avoided hitting the ground. haha 



- Pam - 

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