Watch: US veteran knocked off his feet after learning his watch is worth up to $700,000

falls over

I've watched Antique Roadshow a few times. The overly confident individuals with lights in ones eyes thinking they'll walk out $10,000 richer, almost always get disappointed. I'd go so far as to say they collected beanie babies back in the day hoping for an early retirement. Instead they are left with.... a worthless collection of beanie babies. lol 

THIS GUY on the other-hand, just happy to get his watch checked out. Unsuspecting of the sheer amount of value it holds. Finding out it's worth $700,000 blows this US Air Force Vet off his feet. Gasping for air as he stands up. I've watched his reaction a few times and it makes me smile. It might have the same effect on you as well! 

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