Watch: Woman In Vancouver Caught Sleeping In The Drivers Seat

sleeping and letting the vehicle do the work

The concept of a self driving vehicle is very cool. We are one step closer to cruising around like The Jetsons. lol However with anything there's always one person to ruin it for the rest of us. 21yr old woman caught sleeping behind the wheel while crossing Iron Workers Memorial Bridge (a very busy bridge). See below. 


She has since been identified and fined. For what you may ask? Reported from the Daily Hive, “She was served with a BC MVA violation ticket for Driving without Due Care and Attention,” said Constable McIntyre. “It’s a $368 ticket and 6 points. Like all violation tickets, she does have the option to dispute the ticket in court.”

Would you be as trusting as her, to sleep while the vehicle does the driving?! I'm not even that trusting of my oven. Watching over my food while it cooks and checking the oven 5 times after I've turned it off to cool. hahah

- Pam - 

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