West Edmonton Mall welcomes a new restaurant/bar

five dime

Spending a good chunk of my life in Edmonton and living on the west end, I've lived through all the changes in West Ed Mall. From Hard Rock Café and meeting Matthew Good Band back in grade school. To people watching on the patio over looking Bourbon Street at Old Spaghetti Factory's previous location. To seeing HOOTERS thrive and DIVE! The one place you could always count on was Sherlock Holmes. Played many games of pool, sipped a brew or two while engaging in awkward conversation on a first date, met someone from there that lead to a first date, grub before hitting up a movie, etc.... So to saunter by and seeing the place boarded up, I had a moment of disbelief. Which turned into a moment of silence... 

I came across the post attached and sighed. A sigh of relief. Relief that the old hole in the wall will live on. Just with a different name and cheaper food, so it seems. FIVE&DIVE is the name and All Food is $5.55! That's what it says on the wall anyways. 


Upon further investigation it will be a rock themed bar. See FB post below. 

If we have to say goodbye to a legendary hole in the wall might as well welcome a dive bar. It could be worse.... *cough cough* Jungle Jims. lol 

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- Pam - 

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