Who Asked For The Spicy Chicken Nuggets Over McPizza


I demand you show yourself! HA 

I'm not mad, per say because spice is life. However when Twitter blew up last week in anticipation of the return of a highly requested item. I didn't see one 'spicy nuggets' guess. Sure bring it back but it's not accurate to say 'it's highly requested'. Top 3 guesses, based on my personal observation; McPizza, McRib and Big Extra. Forgotten about menu items were suggested, such as; chicken fajitas, cinnamon pull-aparts, McSpaghetti, McDLT (???), etc...

I know your thinking, what the hell is a McDLT (because I was)?! WATCH below. 



What deep dive McDonalds items do you remember most fondly? 

- Pam - 

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