Allow me to say this!


I'm an old guy, I'm getting old man anger and I need to spout off today. Thatmeans if you do not like old guys yelling at clouds, turn away as this may get hideous.

What is the deal with people parking over the sidewalk since their extended cab vehicles are too big to fit into a normal drive way? Or even worse are the cars that can easily fit into drive ways doing the same thing! In the name of the thing that you are parking over is the word walk. That to me means that you walk on the side walk and not park on the sidewalk. I know it is a world in which we don't want to have to walk an extra five feet after we have parked, but come on folks!

We are debating this on our face book page today and I'd like to know your opinion. Please stop by and tell me what you think. Follow the link,

Oh and all you people that say it's no big deal, I bet that's because you park on the sidwalk!