• Eating food professionally with Erik & Geoff

    Oh Cass's Kitchen. You totally outdid yourself this time. Eric and Geoff got to sample one of the many dessert trays that are available for the holidays. As you can tell by the face on these two, they like the treats and these ones were top notch. While enjoying the video, remember you can have all these delicious treats at your holiday party or maybe just for your family's Christams day Call Cass's Kitchen at (250) 329-6031 or Find them on Facebook and get your order in. One call has never been more worth it.

  • Geoff and Erik love Aniela's Kitchen and you will too!

    People ask all the time why we work in radio. The answer is simple. Great businesses like Aniela's Kitchen let us sample some of the most delcious food. This past week Aniela's Kitchen brought in a some freshly made sandwiches made with meat from Butcher's Block, a charcuterie board filled with fresh meat, veggies, crackers and some tasty desserts for us to sample. And sample we did! Everything they made for us was amazing and very easy for you to get for yourself. Stop by either Fort St John Co-Op location or The Curling Club andtry one of these beautiful sandwiches or give them a call to have them make you a few trays for work to share with your coworkers or place an order and have them ready for your holidays. It's fresh, it's tasty and it can be all yours. Call Aniela's Kitchen and place your order now! 250-261-2643 or find them on Facebook.

  • Cass's Kitchen gives us the goodies!

    Just when I thought Cass's Kitchen couldn't get any sweeter they sent us over a couple of gift baskets full of goodies. They were so delicious that I have been wishing for more. These gift baskets are perfect for all your holiday needs. They are great gifts or maybe set it out for your family to enjoy over the Christmas season. The cookie jars are also a great gift not only for you and your family, but maybe something you would want to give a teacher as thanks for looking after your kids this school year. Cass's Kitchen's wonderful treats are available at all sorts of places around town including: Artisan farm house, Sticky's candy, Unforgettable memories, and North peace gallery Find them on Facebook or call 250-329-6031 to order your treats!

  • Sticky's Candy

    Aren’t we lucky today! The fine folks at Sticky’s Candy are letting us play with some candy, or maybe too cupcakes. I’m not sure what we are doing, but it looks like it’s going to be tasty.