I MIss You! Badly


Okay, I have done really well so far this year not complaining about things being canceled because of Coronavirus, but I have gotten to the end of the line and have to say this. I miss the CFL! Not just a little, but a lot. This was supposed to be Grey Cup Weekend! The weekend where we can make fun of the teams in the East and eat a big bowl of chips like we were on a deserted island for the last year and needed the sustanance to keep us alive for the next month.

Instead of that, we have... The same nothing we have had for too long now.

I miss dunking on Rider fans and the stadium that looks like a giant toilet bowl.

I miss Bomber fans that finally won something and the league broke.

I miss the Toronto... Okay lets not go to far.

What I miss the most is the most winninest team in CFL The Edmonton whatever we are going to call ourselves winning the title again!

CFL come back, I miss you!