Moist's David Usher Nursing Broken Bone


David Usher, best known as frontman of rock band Moist, is nursing a broken toe.

“My new summer foot is really in fashion right now!,” the 54-year-old singer captioned an X-ray image of his injured toe. “Apparently bikes don't like me.”

Usher did not share any additional details about how he snapped his foot's middle finger.

Last year, he shared a photo of a gnarly finger on his left hand after removing a splint he wore for six weeks due to ligament damage.

At the time, his manager Graeme McDonald told “It's possible that he'll never play the violin after this. But then, fortunately for him, he never did play violin.” (Presumably, Usher’s latest injury means he will never dance ballet again.)

Instead of cycling around Montreal, Usher was supposed to have spent June and July going across Canada with Moist as part of the Saints and Sinners Tour. It was postponed due to COVID-19 until early 2021.


My new summer foot is really in fashion right now! Apparently bikes don't like me.

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