Morris 'B.B.' Dickerson, Founding Member Of War, Dies At 71


Morris “B.B.” Dickerson, a founding member of War, died Friday at a hospital in Long Beach, California after an undisclosed illness. He was 71.

Dickerson was part of a group called The Creators (later named Nightshift) in the 1960s when Eric Burdon, former frontman of UK band the Animals, put together War. Their debut album Eric Burdon Declares “War” was released in 1970 and spawned the hit “Spill the Wine.”

Dickerson co-wrote and played bass on it and most of War’s tracks, including “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” “Low Rider” and “Summer.” He provided lead vocals on 1972’s “The World Is a Ghetto.”

Dickerson left the group in 1979 during recording of The Music Band and, nearly 20 years later, played in the War spinoff Lowrider Band.

He is survived by his mother, uncle and his children.

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