Maybe It's Time That We Just Let Ozzy Retire


Well fans of Ozzy Osbourne probably heard the news. The Ozzman has preemptively cancelled the 2020 North American leg of the No More Tours 2 tour. For incredibly understandable reasons. He's battling a variety of health issues including his recently revealed Parkinsons. He says he's cancelling the tour this far out as he doesn't want it to be a last minute surprise to fans who are holding tickets for the shows. (which have already been cancelled and rescheduled to the now recancelled dates)

Here's my take on it... I think Ozzy has given us enough. We're talking about one of the Godfathers of Heavy Metal after all. A man who through his work with both Black Sabbath, and of course his own legendary solo career, has been a part of some of the most iconic songs in hard rock and heavy metal history. Not to mention the ripple effect the influence of himself and Black Sabbath provided for multiple generations of musicians playing heavy music. I think at this point the best thing we as fans can do to say thank you... is to let the man retire from the road. Better that than to subject the man to the pressure and stress of trying to get into fighting shape when he's dealing with the various health complications he's dealing with. 

Now I'm not saying that he should stop touring if HE doesn't want to stop touring. I'm just saying that we the fans should not be mad if he decides he's done enough. He helped birth a genre of music and flew the flag for it for fifty years after all. I think he has done enough. And I'd like to see him enjoy a long and lengthy retirement spent with his family and friends. He's earned it after all.

-Kier White